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Lecture —
#PuttingTheMouthIntoHealth –
Time for a paradigm change in dentistry!

Global health burdens, years lost due to ill-health or disease, and the financial load of health care systems are inseparably connected to dental health.

Over decades substantial evidence has accumulated demonstrating that dental decay and tooth loss are not only therapeutic challenges, but chronic diseases that affect the growing child as well as the elderly in their social capacity to cope with life and their elementary needs to stay healthy. In addition, the link between oral gum disease and general health, including diabetes mellitus, mental health, or cardiovascular disease, has been proven in numerous research articles demonstrating how a local chronic inflammatory response adversely affects tissues and organs far beyond the oral cavity. 

In the future the community of dental practitioners, academics and industry should further investigate the proposed links between oral and general health, transfer the present knowledge into daily dental practice and education, and effectively disseminate this knowledge to the public. This paradigm change will be an opportunity to further develop dentistry to an innovative medical discipline, practicing Humboldtian tradition, for the benefits of every patient.

The presentation will give an overview of how oral diseases affect the health of the whole body, the opportunities and challenges dentistry faces and will invite the audience to brainstorm the future self-concept of dental health practitioners.

The 2017 Australian World Oral Health Day lecture is being presented by Professor Joerg Eberhard, a dental-scientist translational researcher. He is Chair of Lifespan Oral Health in the Faculty of Dentistry and the Charles Perkins Centre at the University of Sydney.

Bring your entire team to hear this significant contribution to the healthcare debate that's being deliver on World Oral Health Day, 20 March 2017. You can register online via the link below:

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